Data SIM card with 2GB

How much data will I use

When your are looking for roaming solution, you want to know if 2GB is enough. If you want to use it for sending photo's with Whatsapp and to browse on the internet it probably is. You can still do a lot with 2GB. If you are sharing, then it depends on the wishes of others too.
You can view the table to get a good overviewe

Mifi extra

With the mifi devices of mifi4europe you can connect to other wifi networks. This means that you do not have to use your data sim card all the time. When you are in a hotel or in your holiday home, you can connect the mifi device to the same wifi. So you do not have to connect all the devices to the wifi in the house.


We use our mobile devices daily with wifi and we forget that we have updates on our devices. Your device will try to update apps, os or other features while you are travelling if you do nothing! But you can reduce your data use a lot, when you follow these hints and tips!